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"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves"

"The best & most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - They must be felt with the heart" ~Helen Keller

Advertising Plans
  John Doe
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  Georg Schmerholtz
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Marketing Plans
  Sample Marketing Plan*
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Marketing Materials
  Sample Marketing Materials*
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Gifting Services
DANCING WITH THE STARS Photo Exclusive Click Here
Dancing with the Stars / Wire Image Exclusive Click Here
Gifting Suite in Honor of Dancing with the Stars Click Here
We provide an exclusive gifting service unlike any other. Regular and old fashioned gift bags used to end up in the hands of people who are unknown. Due to the lack of one on one introduction, the sponsors in the past could not track who the actual gift bag ended up with. Our service brings the Sponsors face to face with their audience of dignitaries, professionals and celebrities whose names and identities are fully disclosed. This direct access brands the Sponsors instantly through our specialized marketing approach while recognizes the recipients with valuable gifts.
Publicity campaigns
Special request editorial writings
Special request editorial placements
Strategic advertising placements
Strategic advertorial placements
Email Campaigns, Email Blasts to more than two million recipients from
local to national campaigns
Graphic Designs, Logos, Character Presentation, Camera Ready Ads, Press Kits
Gift Bags and Auctions at Fundraisers
Trade Mark and Copy Right Services
Presentation and Marketing DVDs
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Website Development
  Outstanding experience in developing a variety of websites including informational or ecommerce, ranging from corporate to small business or individual in the fields of entertainment, philanthropy, art or any other field as per the client�s request.  Impressive art work and intro flash creations. Services provided include website design and development, domain name registration, website hosting and marketing.

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Advanced SEO and Strategic Services 
We provide cutting edge professional Internet strategic services ranging from search engine optimization, SEO, strategic direction, partnerships and conversion analysis. 
Its important to be riding the horse in the direction it is going. Optimization should be done not only to include current factors but also anticipate changes on the engine horizon. Our approach is scientific, methodical and based only on ethical SEO.  We do not do things that can penalize your site. Our experts won Forbes Best of the Web for breakthrough marketing techniques. 
Radio Advertising
With the average commute time in Los Angeles being an hour and a half, people are in their cars longer and rely heavily on radio for their news, traffic and entertainment. By advertising on radio you can reach a targeted audience, therefore giving advertisers results and a return on investment while establishing a new clientele. For more information, email:
Writing/ Editing and Copywriting Services
Books, Magazine and Newspaper Articles.  When Ghostwriting we maintain the author's voice throughout the writing and editing process.  Email:
Documentary Film Making
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View Client Photo Shoots
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